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Website Maintenance, Repairs and Advancement Services

Our website maintenance, repairs and advancement services make your website work at its best.

Many businesses only address their website performance when it has become rather seriously lacking. 

Every 5 years or so, they start to recognise that their shiny new site isn’t very new or very shiny any more. It is in fact now out of date, underperforming, and a rather poor representation of who they are today. 

It’s at this point that they decide to either replace their current site with a brand new website, or to substantially overhaul their existing site. 

Both of these choices involve high levels of periodic and often unplanned for capital expenditure, and this problem can be handled in a different way.

What is the better approach to website maintenance?

Sometimes fundamental redesign IS necessary, but very often it could be avoided by applying some regular website maintenance and advancement actions.

There is also a hidden business issue that occurs when a website is allowed to underperform for extended periods of time.

The graph below illustrates how this problem comes about, and where the gap in both website and business performance overlap:

website maintenance and performance graph

The site performance axis is based on important metrics such as: 

  • The position your site is ranked in search engines such as Google for key phrases used by your searching prospects.
  • Page loading and page speed.
  • The number of visitors that come to the site each month.
  • How many pages are viewed by those visitors, and their level of engagement with your content (time spent and number of clicks etc).
  • The number of errors on web pages.
  • The number of direct enquiries that come through the site (contact form submissions / data sharing).
  • In the case of your ecommerce (shop) site, the number of orders placed, or revenue received.
  • And a lot of other more technical metrics that relate.

Do these website performance metrics really matter?

Monitoring and responding to these website metrics is vital for addressing issues early (website maintenance) and improving website performance moving forward (website advancement). 

The performance of your website impacts the exposure of your business to customers online, and affects the level of enquiries, turnover and profit for your business as a whole. It’s not just a case of website design, but also of copywriting, compliance, security and more.

In short, your website is one of (if not the) most important marketing tools that your business has. 81% of ALL customers research a business online before buying from them.

It REALLY matters!

The problem is that in many instances, business owners either do not know how, or simply don’t review these important numbers often enough to realise when issues come up. In most cases, even if they do spot the problem, they will need help from a specialist to address the concern.

Don’t panic, this is where Growth by Design can help you. 

How do we help enhance your site performance for the long term?

Our team has been building sites for many years. We can offer you good and qualified advice on what is required to address the challenge you currently have. We particularly specialise in WordPress websites but can often offer support for other formats too.

Sometimes this will involve creating a new site, and then applying regular website maintenance or advancements actions to keep its performance progressing. 

In other cases, we are able to adapt your existing site to correct any issues, and then apply a maintenance or advancement programme to ensure it doesn’t slip backwards.

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