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Building a world beating website is a serious matter! That's why you need a world-beating web design agency in Brighton.

There are 1.5 billion websites in existence, and 200 million of those are active… that’s a lot of competition for 10 spaces on the first page of Google. It isn’t a job for amateurs!

Getting your website found in the first place requires a combination of strong and compliant site design, coupled with solid search engine optimisation and referenced content. 

Both of these aspects are vital… but they aren’t the only important elements.

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Getting found online is only half the battle.

A website has to compete in terms of its functionality, attractiveness and its messages if it is ever to result in real business for you.

Building an effective website really requires the skilful combining of 4 separate skill-sets in one competent web design agency in Brighton.

  • A great website designer
  • An SEO specialist
  • A strong graphic designer and
  • An effective sales copywriter
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This is why, in most cases, standalone website designers aren’t enough… it’s simply a case of not having the full set of expert skills to address all the required elements brilliantly. That’s why using a full-scale website design agency in Brighton is the best option for you and your business.

Why does using an award-winning web design agency Brighton make a difference?

If any one of these essential components is not present, it can spell disaster for your business. The table below highlights the most common headache to occur when each one is missing.

web design agency Brighton skills table

Who will be involved in building my site?

At Growth by Design we have a full team of website superheroes…

The Website Developer uses their expertise in website structure, add-ons, navigation, and user experience to create an effective framework and flow for the site. They make sure that all the different elements work correctly, and that the site is compliant with Google’s requirements so that it is legal, secure, and fit for purpose.

The Graphic Designer looks after the look and feel of the site, making sure that the correct colours, font, imagery, branding aspects and more are included. They help the site to look visually stunning, and check that it is in keeping with the other marketing tools.

The SEO Specialist plays the vital role of ensuring that your site gets registered by Google, and that it starts to appear high in the search engine results pages for various different key words and key phrases. Their work is technical, and requires a strong understanding of the current algorithms and preferences of Google and other search engines.

Finally, the Copywriter makes sure that the messages the website presents are suitable for the intended visitors. This is where the true skill of a wordsmith starts to pay off. Whilst it’s nice to have a site that looks good, gets found, and works functionally, it is the copywriter that makes the magic happen. They progress the level of a visitor from interest to enquiry, and therefore it is their work that puts the final piece in place as far as developing business website results is concerned!

As you’ll see, it’s a team effort, and our team has many years of individual skill and combined experience to bring to your website project.

What types of websites do you build, and what do they cost?

At Growth by Design we have built a LOT of websites, and they have covered a wide range of industries and requirements. We can build simple brochure sites, as well as more complex sites. We have experience in e-commerce, and can also help build sites for international markets.

The vast majority of sites we build are within WordPress, although we do have the knowledge and experience of working within different systems too. All of our sites are built to be mobile responsive.

Regular size and function sites normally come in between £1750 + VAT and £5500+VAT, with some more complex sites having more substantial investment that runs in line with the level of detail and difficulty associated.

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Whatever your website project, it starts with a conversation.

So get in touch with our team today! Reach out to us for an initial chat on 01444 810530 or click the contact us button below.

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