Recommended Businesses

This page has been created to share the details of suppliers and friends of Growth by Design. They are all known personally to the directors and have our firm recommendation behind them.

We hope they prove useful connections for you in your business.

UK Growth Coach

UK Growth Coach is a business coaching firm which is also owned by the directors of Growth by Design.

Business coaching is a means of accelerating your business and personal success. It involves a mix of consulting, training, coaching, mentorship and other techniques.

Most business owners have been well trained to do the job they had when employed in a company, but have never had any proper guidance in how to run and grow a successful, efficient company. They often struggle with planning, financials, marketing, sales, systemisation, team development, leadership, management, strategy and more. These are the areas of support that a skilled business coach can help you make great strides forwards with.

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MJS Media

MJS Media is our sister company. It provides identical services to Growth by Design and is based in Hastings.

You can learn more about them here:

Taxave Business Centre

Taxave is our accountant. Chris Irving, the owner, and his team are highly skilled and personable. They provide strong accounting support to the owners of SMEs around the Mid-Sussex area, and their head office is in Three Bridges (near Crawley).
If you need to get your accounts (business or personal) in order, and want some expert advice, we strongly recommend them to you.

You can learn more about them here:

Regency Grove Communications

RGC is owned and run by Bernie Knight. A true expert on all communications, Bernie and his team can sort out office telephones, broadband, mobiles and more.

You can learn more about them here:

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