Presentation Folders

Stylish presentation folders that do more than just hold documents!

Lots of businesses use branded folders to deliver important documents to prospects, clients and delegates.

These versatile tools can do a great job in communicating your professional approach and attention to detail, and can help your proposals, information packs, and other materials receive the attention they deserve.

But, as with all things in marketing, there are presentation folders, and there are presentation folders!

example presentation folders from growth by design

What makes a presentation folder work best?

To a degree, this depends on the purpose you have in mind and the setting you want to use this really effective marketing asset in. There are however, some common elements:

  • Brand alignment and the communication of values.
  • Positive imagery to re-enforce the specific messages.
  • The use of relevant, emotive questions, and well framed reassurance messages.
  • Inclusion of essential contact details, and appropriate action drivers.
Presentation Folders West Sussex

Above these, there is the use of space, flow of the information, and the separation and sequencing of key themes throughout the document. There are of course, the normal considerations of pocket space for the materials to be packaged inside and more.

Make your presentation folders create a fantastic impact

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