Marketing Support Programmes from a Brighton Marketing Agency

Marketing your business is an important matter. There are many factors to consider, many skill-sets to apply, and many options to choose from. It’s vital it works, as businesses without customers, or with too few orders, don’t tend to do well!

And in the same way as finance benefits from expertise, operations benefits from expertise, and HR benefits from expertise… marketing also benefits from expertise.

That’s why, at Growth by Design marketing agency Brighton we have invested a HUGE amount of time, resource and expertise into our business marketing support programmes.

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Why use a Brighton marketing agency?

We know that as small business owners your biggest enemies are time and money. It’s hard to get everything done, and it’s hard to get everything done well on finances that aren’t limitless.

Hiring an in-house marketing person is expensive, and each one comes with a limited skillset, but managing a large number of freelancers with differing skill-sets takes a lot of management and coordination. It’s a difficult balance!

The marketing support programmes we provide to SME businesses have been designed to address those frustrations in a cost effective, professional way.

They’ve been built from a starting point of “What do business owner’s need?” rather than “What can we do?”.

Brighton marketing agency balancing efforts with in-house
Our A-Z Marketing Programmes include:
Marketing Support Programmes

An initial onboarding meeting to get to know your business well. This means we can learn about your purpose, values, services, products, team, uniqueness, and value propositions. During this session, you’ll also work with our team to refine your target markets. We also review your current and past marketing successes and failures, competitors and more. This is the starting point for all our marketing support programmes, as we believe that if we are to represent you how you wish to be represented, then we need to invest time in getting to know you well first. The outcome of this session is a clear marketing strategy plan for the next 3 or 12 months (depending on situation).

Marketing Support Programmes

Quarterly marketing activity planning. Every 13 weeks, you’ll have a 1:2:1 meeting with your dedicated marketing account handler. This session is to review the performance over the last quarter, and to define the strategy and action timeline for the coming 3 months. A written marketing activity plan is created and shared with you.

Marketing Support Programmes

End of month progress reports, together with documented KPIs (key performance indicators). You also get written, bespoke recommendations from your account handler with suggestions on where extra progress can be made, and opportunities they have identified.

Marketing Support Programmes

Monthly account handler calls. After you have been sent, and had a chance to review the end of month report, you’ll have a monthly telephone or video conference call with your account handler. Here you get the chance to discuss the key aspects from the report, talk through their and your ideas for next steps, and confirm the briefings for any tasks to be completed in the coming weeks.

Marketing Support Programmes

Aligned to this support framework, you can choose a suitable activity support level. This can be matched to different budgets, and they are based on a ‘credit system’. The credit system allows you to choose from a wide variety of different marketing services when you want to change direction or do something different (e.g. swap a blog for a flyer design). This is very different to the common ‘static package’ approach of other marketing agencies. The key difference being the level of flexibility and choice of tactics for you to access – there are more than 240 tactics available through our unique ‘Playbook’.

Why is this approach more effective?

Every business is unique, and every marketing plan is bespoke to the company it relates to.

That’s a challenge because it requires a radical approach to handle at scale, and that’s why many agencies simply use a ‘colour by numbers static package’ approach.

They’ll offer ‘1 blog, 15 social posts and an email’ type packages. It’s too generic, and that isn’t a great way of delivering a service that requires a pretty bespoke approach to work well.

The marketing support programmes at Marketing Agency Brighton – Growth by Design include a number of stages that allow for every individual client company to enjoy a real flexibility in their marketing strategy, whilst also benefiting from some consistent aspects of expert guidance and support level.

There are ‘single focus marketing support programmes’ for those of you who just need one element of their marketing activity looked after (e.g. PPC adverts or email marketing), and there are A-Z programmes for those that want to use a fuller range of digital marketing support as well as traditional marketing services.

Why choose Growth by Design?
It’s a fair question. There are lots of agencies and lots of freelancers out there. Above, we’ve addressed the time and logistical challenges of managing multiple, mis-aligned freelancers. So let’s cover off why we are the best agency to support you.

Firstly, we have a full team.

There are 9 staff at Growth by Design, and between them we have skills in:

  • Marketing planning and business strategy

  • Website design and SEO

  • PPC marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more)

  • Digital marketing including social media management

  • Content marketing (blog writing, social posts, Linkedin articles, newsletters etc)

  • Direct marketing (direct mail, email marketing)

  • Graphic design

  • Video production and marketing

  • …and much more

Brighton Marketing Agency staff putting hands into centre

Secondly, we have our own book. Our two directors wrote ‘Growing by Design’ in 2019, a guide to marketing strategy.

Thirdly, we are an award winning Brighton marketing agency with lots of customer testimonials. We won the ‘Best New Business’ award in the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards in 2018.

Finally, we offer a complimentary marketing scorecard review to all businesses who are interested in exploring their marketing performance. It’s an easy (no obligation) way of sounding us out and getting a feel for our expertise and approach.

Marketing Agency Brighton director's marketing book
What should you do now?
If you’ve got this far, you obviously have a serious interest in improving your marketing performance, and in getting some help to do better. Give us a call on 01444 810530 today or click the contact us button below to send us an email.
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