Google Ads Management Services

When you want to bolster your presence online and target specific buyer motives, Google Ads management should be a strong contender for your marketing budget.

There are many really strong elements to this form of digital marketing, but in our view the best aspects are the ease of tracking performance, and demonstrating what is working, as well as quickly identifying and removing what is not.

The ability to set up tracking that shows the display performance of your Google Ads management, as well as the resulting visits to your website, emails or telephone calls is truly stunning.

This means that as a customer you can easily see where your investment is generating a result and as a supplier it’s simpler to demonstrate the value of our expertise.

PPC or SEO - that is the question!

graph showing where google ads management fits into digital marketing mix

Often we get asked, “should I be doing PPC or SEO?”

It really depends on your objective, and there is often an argument for doing both.

PPC (pay-per-click) is all about garnering more space in the search engine results pages. When Google displays results pages, there are spaces for advertisements (Google Ads) and listings of organic websites or content. The first 4 and last 3 on any given search page is usually the advert space, and the list of 10 pages between them is the organic listings.

The critical factor that normally directs where you are best to focus is the level of your organic listing in the search results for a given search term.

If you already rank number 1 or 2 in the search results for that phrase, you may feel that is sufficient to gather the majority of benefit already. If however, you are absent or low ranked for that term, then an investment in Google Ads management to gain visibility in the search results page may be wise. Essentially, PPC allows you to ‘buy access’ to higher visibility in the search results, and SEO requires time, effort and a range of other factors to achieve that position.

google ads management auction hammerIt’s worth mentioning that PPC is also in principle an auction, and the frequency of representation of your ad in search results is linked to the investment you make, the competition, and the quality and effectiveness of the campaign / advert design. It isn’t a simple case of pay and gain monopoly… it’s actually a very complex and scientific form of advertising on the world’s biggest marketing platform; the internet.

The advantage that PPC has, is the degree of message specificity, and the control that you have in what is displayed in that listing. It is far more direct, and can be far more precise than SEO will deliver.

Why should I choose Growth by Design for my Google Ads management?

Our team are highly skilled in the creation of targeted campaigns, ad groups and advert design, and can help you promote your business powerfully within the search engines and social media environments.

You can access support with your PPC as a single form of marketing, or have it integrated with a whole marketing support programme.

When it is being managed in isolation, we call that a ‘sole focus’ programme, and when it is integrated as part of a bigger marketing plan we are coordinating with you, then it is what we call the A-Z programme.

For more detail on either of these services, please give us a call on 01444 810530 or click the contact us button below.

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