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It’s important they are more than just pretty!

What do you want the design of your flyer, leaflet, or pamphlet to REALLY achieve?

This is probably the very first question you’ll be asked by the design and print agency Growth by Design, and it’s likely that the answer is more than “to have something pretty”. 

Almost always there is a business intent behind the request, and it’s important we all remember and recognise that.

You see, what sets us apart from most standalone graphic designers is our strong understanding of customer behaviour, and the deeper science behind that. It affects our approach to your project, and that’s a very good thing for your business!

When you work with our design and print agency to create flyers, posters, leaflets or any other marketing asset, you don’t just get the creative design flair of a great graphic designer. 

You also get access to the input of a full marketing team, and this matters. Graphic designers are great, but they provide one insight on a problem that can benefit from multiple viewpoints.

example of leaflet produced by design and print agency growth by design

How do we help you achieve the best outcomes for your business?

The design and print agency team we involve on design projects includes a range of people:

  • A highly skilled graphic designer
  • A skilled copywriter
  • Our marketing team
  • and sometimes even our in-house business coach!
web design agency Brighton superheroes

We regularly discuss projects with each group of this extended team to get the full range of inputs and suggestions before finalising client designs.

Why is it important to have more than just a designer’s input?

This broad view approach takes your marketing tools from being designs that simply look nice, forward into being effective marketing assets that look great, carry well crafted and well ordered messages as well as relevant calls to action. 

This is important as it means we are focussed on the end result for your business, and not just the artwork of your flyer, leaflet, pamphlet or other printed document.

It’s the same difference between buying an apparently attractive car that doesn’t start because it’s missing an engine, and one that actually gets you from A to B! 

Marketing isn’t a beauty contest, it’s about making an audience react in the way you need them to. Yes, it needs to look good, but it also needs to perform!

What can our team help you with?

We’ve got expertise in various print design projects:

  • Effective flyer design
  • Impactive poster design
  • Exciting leaflet design
  • Most printed or digital design projects including brochures, presentation folders, business cards and more
example of flyer from design and print agency Growth By Design

We regularly discuss projects with each group of this extended team to get the full range of inputs and suggestions before finalising client designs.

Pretty and punchy - combine both with poster, leaflet and flyer design.

To discuss your next design project, click the contact us button below, or call 01444 810530.

Client Testimonial

Take a look at our fantastic video testimonial from our good friend and client Adam Bateup, director at Sussex Floor Restoration.

We designed Adam a beautiful new website for his business and, as you can see, he was delighted with the results! 


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