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Business Card Printing Near Me - get business cards that WOW at first impressions!

In today’s modern world, it’s easy to forget that your basic marketing tools are still important.

When you think about it though, it is quite often the case that the first interaction with a prospect or customer happens face to face. 

Depending on the setting this happens in, you may get a minimal amount of direct communication happening (such as at a networking event or training session), or you might get a lot (such as at a pre-arranged meeting). Either way, you have an opportunity.

This is because, at the end of that first encounter, you’ll want to give this new contact your business card, and if you have a great card it will leave a great first impression.

So why is it that so many business cards are designed to be so dull, and lack any real marketing message at all? 

Who cares…it just means there is some low hanging fruit for you!

How does an average business card lose opportunities for you?

Most business cards are ‘average’. They really are nothing special. 

They are viewed as just a simple means to carry a logo, and present your contact details, and that’s a mistake.

Your business card is a marketing tool, and has the potential to steer the direction of opportunities to or from your company.

Some business cards are stand-out… and these draw attention more quickly and powerfully, and give their owners that little edge that sometimes makes all the difference.

What does a stand-out business card design do that others don’t?

Firstly, a great business card design grabs attention. 

It doesn’t just blend it – it helps you stand out.

It looks different, and that makes YOU look different…and we all know that differentiation matters in winning business!

Secondly, it acts as an easy conversation starter; whether that is directly with you, or about you… it gets prospects talking, and that’s a good thing. It means that the competitors are standing in your shadow instantly.

When you are networking, it makes rapport-building really easy, and if the card is being looked at after you’ve gone, it’s reminding your prospect that you were a cut above the standard.

There really are a wide range of surprising influences your card can make on your behalf!

In fact, at Growth by Design, we have found that the extra effort and time we invested into our own business cards has led to:

  • Making an easy and different first impression
  • Greater immediate interest in us
  • Questions about how we approach our work
  • Direct order enquiries - yes, really!
  • Positive early referencing by contacts

…and all of that means they have generated a very positive return on investment for our business.

business card printing near me
Making your business cards special

The key here is to view your business card as the most important ‘in-person business tool’ at your disposal. We help you define the message you need to communicate, as well as the emotional response you want to drive.

We can offer a range of options from the standard style (one sheet) business cards with unique and stylish touches, through to specialised multi-component cards, with cut-outs, embossing and more.

Discover how your cards can start to separate you from the masses.

Call on 01444 810530 or click the contact us button below.

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