SEO services from a Brighton SEO agency to make your website findable!

Most potential customers use the internet for research before choosing a supplier; a whopping 81% according to late 2019 research by GE Capital Retail Bank!

If your website doesn’t rank on page 1 of Google’s search results for the key terms used by prospects; you are playing a great game of internet hide and seek with them!

It’s a sad reality that many truly great local businesses are outcompeted by far less capable competitors. This is very often because they haven’t addressed the essential element of applying effective local SEO to their sites.

What difference can a Brighton SEO agency make?

A site that is not optimised correctly can make your business effectively invisible in the search engines. Your website ranking may not be taking place at all, or you might be so far down that only intrepid explorers will bother digging that deep.

Poor website optimisation makes it hard for customers to find you. It also makes it easier for them to find your competitors first.

When that happens, it’s a very bad outcome!

How can your SEO services help me?

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At Brighton SEO agency Growth by Design we are skilled at building search engine optimised websites from scratch AND at improving the performance of sites that currently rank poorly in Google.

We can undertake initial audits to identify where issues exist, and then apply both technical SEO and content SEO skills to address them.

Our SEO specialists help you to present your site to the search engines in the most positive manner through a wide range of actions that can boost your keyword ranking. These can include skilled keyword research, and creating pages in a manner that Google’s algorithms like. Our in depth knowledge of current trends and search engine requirements mean that your site becomes compliant with their preferences.

We can also create content for your landing pages that is well written, correctly referenced, and laid out in just the right way to achieve great SEO ratings. Our experts can also ensure that your page referencing and technical formatting behind the scenes is right. This includes actions such as correctly updating the metatags, providing fuller descriptions, adding image alt tags, internal linking, and link building.

There is a real science to getting your website ranking high in the search engine results pages (SERPs), and our skilled team are great at making that happen! It isn’t a job for amateurs, and very often we are called in to ‘correct’ the work of less skilled website designers.

What is the first step for me to take?

Our SEO specialists can complete a FREE review on your site, and help you identify where issues exist. They can then design a support plan to get it back on track.

Give us a call on 01444 810530, or click the contact us button below.

We also can help improve your website User Experience – take a look at our website advancement services

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